What Can You Expect When Working with a Marketing Consultant?

Posted by Ann Siegle on Jul 13, 2018 10:15:00 AM

In Inbound Marketing, Marketing Process

You’re ready to amp up your business with marketing. You’re ready to handle those leads, demos and sales. But you know you and your team cannot do it yourselves. What can you expect when working with a marketing consultant?

Marketing consultants are everywhere – just click on an ad on Facebook one time and find that your feed is filled with consultants promising this ONE thing that you can do or these THREE things that you must not skip over – the only thing you need to know is THEY are the ones making money on their online courses – not you.

Working with any consultant is, well, work! They have work to do, you have work to do and together you achieve success. There isn’t a single magic bullet for marketing success any more than there is a single magic pill for losing weight and looking good in a swimsuit. But, like losing weight, it takes some effort, and it’s often better to have a partner by your side, setting a plan you can follow, encouraging you and ensuring you get the job done right.

What can you expect?

First, each engagement with a client should start with a review of your business and your goals. Knowing precisely what you want to achieve – sales numbers, market share, search engine rank, number of demos per month – is critical for success.

The marketing process includes research, insight, strategy and tactics, so your consultant may build your plan based on this organization – starting first with a scope of work that includes research.

Is it expensive?

It depends on your goals and where you sit relative to them, what industry you operate in and how large your market is. For most small businesses, working with a consultant can be both a finite project-based expenditure, for others, it’s cheaper to work on an ongoing basis with a fixed retainer.

What does the day to day engagement look like?

For a project, such as, say an e-commerce web site – you would expect to have an Agile development model, where each week iterations of your site come together, culminating with a release that builds functionality as the project goes along. But for social media marketing, your consultant is building content on an ongoing basis. Same, too, with blogging.

What kind of reporting can I expect?

Weekly if you’re not participating in their project management system. Using tools like Trello, you can see – in real time – exactly what they’re doing and when.

 Working with a marketing consultant can transform your business or company. Marketing is more than a one, two, or three step process- it’s a journey and working with a marketing consultant is a relationship. It consists of goals, growth, and results. Have more questions or concerns? You can request a free marketing assessment or contact us by filling out the form below.