Using the free Trello app to plan your marketing editorial calendar

Trello is especially suited for managing editorial calendars because of this card flexibility. Trello’s based in Kanban style of project management (think sticky notes on a whiteboard.) We like the Trello card and board interface, and it’s ability to support visual items in a to-do / task format. Agile teams often use Kanban as a way to keep many people moving on large, complex projects, by breaking down individual tasks into cards (sticky notes.) If your desk looks like mine, you might like Trello too!

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Why your e-mail list is still one of your top marketing assets (and how to grow it)

Online retailing has seen big changes in the last 10 years. First came social media, then mobile commerce. But before it all, we had e-mail, which is still the internet’s killer app, delivering targeted customers to your site with regularity.

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How to consistently write blogs for your company

One thing any inbound marketer will tell you is to write blogs on a variety of topics related to your business, and also, write often. This second part (writing often) is surprisingly what most businesses cite as their biggest problem when it comes to their blogging and marketing schemes.

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