What does the Delete Facebook movement and the data analytics breach mean for small businesses who rely on Facebook to market?

It’s getting ugly out there, folks. With last week’s exposure of data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica using YOUR (and my) Facebook profile, likes and friends data to sully democracy in the USA, there’s a movement afoot to “delete Facebook”. Or rather #deletefacebook.

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Composing a good followup e-mail for a membership campaign for associations

How do successful associations convert visitors to prospective members to members? A good follow-up e-mail is key for converting a prospective member to a paying member. Once you’ve gotten your prospective member to opt in / sign up on your marketing list – whether by an offer conversion, a subscription conversion or some other method – you should work on converting them to a member, whether paid or unpaid, depending upon your structure.)

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Content Marketing Success for Small Business Owners

 What is content marketing success? It's creating great content that inspires, educates and motivates your customers to take action. Whether you'd like them to try a new product, learn how to use the products they have already purchased, or be inspired to use them, content marketing is the way by which customers find - and come to love - your business.

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