Applying design thinking to your small business strategic planning

Designing Your Life (Bill Burnett and Dave Evans) is focused on applying design thinking to build a well-lived, joyful life. Since so much of our work life is a part of our whole life, it makes sense to apply this to our entrepreneurial pursuits as well.

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Content Marketing Success for Small Business Owners

 What is content marketing success? It's creating great content that inspires, educates and motivates your customers to take action. Whether you'd like them to try a new product, learn how to use the products they have already purchased, or be inspired to use them, content marketing is the way by which customers find - and come to love - your business.

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Three big problems preventing small business owners from getting their social media marketing done and what they can do about it

What's preventing small businesses from getting social media marketing done (right)?  Entrepreneurs are tight on time and are usually in the practice of whatever their business is, not marketing. They know social media marketing is an important tool in their marketing toolbox, but they’re just not getting their social media marketing done. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, you’ll be happy to know there are really only three big things that hold entrepreneurs back from achieving social media success with their businesses, and there are things you can do to help get it done.

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Great Customer Interview Questions


Two great opening questions to really connect with your B2B customers

The persona interview – interviewing an existing customer to create a profile of what they (and prospects that look like them) want from your business and your marketing – is critical for establishing what kind of content to produce to attract traffic to your web site and convert them to leads. The persona interview informs the buyer’s journey (the path that customers take to go from strangers to evangelists.) So, how can we set the stage to get the best information from our customer? We like to open every conversation – whether it’s a casual one or a formal interview with the same question:

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Inbound Marketing for Associations

A quick overview of how to get more association members and boost conference attendance
using inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is the methodology that more and more corporate marketing departments are deploying. When someone searches online, looking for an answer to their current challenge, you want to have the best-matched educational answer for them.

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Using the free Trello app to plan your marketing editorial calendar

Trello is especially suited for managing editorial calendars because of this card flexibility. Trello’s based in Kanban style of project management (think sticky notes on a whiteboard.) We like the Trello card and board interface, and it’s ability to support visual items in a to-do / task format. Agile teams often use Kanban as a way to keep many people moving on large, complex projects, by breaking down individual tasks into cards (sticky notes.) If your desk looks like mine, you might like Trello too!

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